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Matlab files in this directory:

 TTeMPS_op_to_TT_matrixTTeMPS_op_to_TT Convert to TT Toolbox matrix format.
 TTeMPS_op_to_TTeMPSTTeMPS_op_to_TTeMPS Convert to TT Toolbox matrix format.
 applyAPPLY Application of TT/MPS operator to a TT/MPS tensor
 contractCONTRACT Contraction of two TT/MPS tensors with inner TT/MPS operator.
 dispDISP Display TT/MPS operator.
 displayDISPLAY Display TT/MPS tensor as a tensor network
 fullFULL Convert TTeMPS_op operator to full array
 mtimesMINUS Multiplication of TT/MPS operator by scalar.
 plusPLUS Addition of two TT/MPS operators.
 roundROUND Approximate TTeMPS operator within a prescribed tolerance.

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