The Riemannian and non-smooth optimization group (RANSO) gathers researchers from the ICTEAM Institute in Louvain-la-Neuve and the System and Modeling research unit in Liège. The group emerged from a combination of research interests in nonsmooth optimization and optimization on manifolds.

The development of this research area is primarily motivated by specific large-scale applications that have gained much popularity in the recent years in the framework of L1 optimization, stochastic optimization, and statistical learning. Those applications include robust/sparse/structured principal component analysis, statistics on manifolds (e.g. median calculation of positive semi-definite tensors), and low-rank optimization (matrix completion, collaborative filtering, source separation).

The group has developed an expertise in several interrelated algorithmic techniques: random search algorithms, gradient-based nonsmooth optimization algorithms applied to almost-everywhere-differentiable objective functions, smoothing techniques, and optimization techniques over manifolds.

Since 2012, the group has been funded by the Belgian FRFC through grant 2.4585.12 "Nonsmooth optimization on manifolds".


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The RANSO group maintains Manopt, a Matlab toolbox for optimization on manifolds.